This guide is part of a series of visual guides offering brief instructions, recommended tools and hints & tips on typing in Arabic ( الكتابة باللغة العربية على الكمبيوتر) for learners of Arabic. The series include:

  1. Typing Arabic Diacritics
  2. Tips for Editing Arabic Text
  3. Arabic Handwriting Text Recognition
  4. Phonetic Typing of Arabic
  5. Gesture or Swipe Typing of Arabic
  6. Voice Typing of Arabic (Speech-to-text Recognition)
  7. Typing on Standard Arabic Keyboards
  8. Typing on Arabic Virtual Keyboards
  9. Arabic Speech-to-text Transcription
  10. Scanning Arabic Text

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Phonetic Typing of Arabic

In a nutshell!Type Arabic the way you say it!
What is it?Phonetic typing allows you to type Arabic easily without a physical Arabic keyboard, via a web browser or a mobile app. This tool is based on real-time transliteration which automatically converts Romanised Arabic or Franco Arabic to authentic Arabic script based on the sound of letters. You can simply type Arabic words in Latin characters and they’re converted immediately into their closest Arabic equivalent with varying degrees of accuracy. Some editing is required.
Recommended ToolsYamli
Google Input Tools
Microsoft Maren


  • Written & Designed by: Mourad Diouri, U. of Edinburgh


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