OERabic Cards are a free set of printable and digital visual signs designed to help teachers and learners – and any remote participant – to communicate easily and visually (using visual clues) during teaching sessions online.

Type of ResourceVisual Communication Signs for Online Teaching & Virtual Meetings
Language FocusCommunication, Speaking
Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic) 
Arabic (Levantine)
Arabic (Egyptian)
Arabic (Gulf)
Arabic (Iraqi)
ProjectOERabic (Open Educational Arabic Resources) 
U. of Edinburgh OERabic.org  @OERabic
Creative Commons LicenceThis work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
PublishedSeptember 2020

How to use these resources?

You could use these cards to manage and organise your online class or meeting as:

  • Printed cards: to communicate a specific message, simply hold any of the printable cards up to the screen to give each other visual clues.
  • Digital cards: using your mobile phone or tablet


  • When you print the PDF or image files – preferably in colour- make sure you print 4 pages per A4 sheet.


LANGUAGESCARDS [Visuals]CARDS [Gallery]CARDS [Printable PDF]
EnglishPreview View Gallery Access
Arabic (Modern Standard Arabic)  PreviewView Gallery Access
Arabic (Egyptian) PreviewView GalleryAccess 
Arabic (Levantine)PreviewView GalleryAccess
Arabic (Iraqi) PreviewView Gallery Access
Arabic (Gulf) PreviewView Gallery Access

Credits & Acknowledgements

Created & Designed byMourad Diouri, U. of Edinburgh, UK
Translated into Levantine ArabicDr. Mofeed Abu Mosa, Arab Open University, Jordan
Translated into Egyptian ArabicDr. Hanem El-Farahaty, U. of Leeds, UK
Translated into Gulf ArabicMr. Salim Al Mandhari, Linguistics Specialist, Sultan Qaboos University
Translated into Iraqi ArabicMs. Susan Hanna Wicht, MA Bilingual Bicultural Education, Teacher of Arabic, French and English, Switzerland.
Translated into Modern Standard ArabicMourad Diouri, U. of Edinburgh, UK
Translated into TurkishDr. Hilal Kaya, Teaching, Fellow and Visiting Scholar, U. of Edinburgh
Translated into SpanishMs. Roser Vich-Gallego, Teaching Fellow in Spanish & Catalan, U. of Edinburgh
Translated into CatalanMs. Anna Stern Taulats, Teacher of Arabic, EOI Girona, Spain
Translated into FrenchMr. Thomas Chaurin, Director of Languages for All, Centre for Open Learning, U. of Edinburgh
Translated into GermanDr. RISSMANN Jeannette, Teacher, Language Programme Organiser, Translator, The U. of Edinburgh
Translated into JapaneseMs. Sakino Kelbie, &  Ms. Sakie Chiba-Mooney, U. of Edinburgh, UK
Translated into ChineseMs. Esther TYLDESLEY, U. of Edinburgh, UK
Research Assistant Ms. Dimana Harvey, PG Arabic Alumni of U. of Edinburgh
ArtworkAll the visual icons used to create these resources are used under the Flaticon Premium license

A very special thank you to the following colleagues who have kindly reviewed these resources for content and language accuracy:

  • Dr Muntasir Al-Hamad, Associate Professor of Arabic, College of Arts and Sciences, Qatar University
  • Dr. Yehia A. Mohamed, Associate Professor of Arabic, Georgetown U. in Qatar
  • Dr. Mariam Aboelez, Teaching Fellow in Arabic Translation at the U. College London
  • Ms. Marwa Mouazen, Senior Teaching Fellow of Arabic, U. of Edinburgh


  • If you are interested in translating the cards into other languages, please get in touch with us via the comments below. All due credits will be given to contributors.

Preview | English

Preview | Arabic (MSA)

Preview | Arabic (Levantine)

Preview | Arabic (Egyptian)

Preview | Arabic (Iraqi)

Preview | Arabic (Gulf)

Preview | Turkish

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Preview | Spanish

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Preview | French

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Preview | German

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Preview | Japanese

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All our resources are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0) licence